Behr Design Team
Behr Design is a full-service marketing, design and advertising agency. Since our founding in 1981, we have continued to grow as a fundamental partner to a broad spectrum of businesses and organizations. We are proud to build lasting relationships with our clients, gaining a true understanding of their organization, offering insights and solutions to help them achieve their goals. Behr Design focuses on creating compelling, innovative messages and designs that influence and motivate each client’s target audience. We utilize the full spectrum of marketing resources to fulfill set objectives and achieve goals. We have the experience, knowledge and skills to complete each project on time and on budget.

Kevin Behr at Behr Design Sidney Ohio Kevin Behr
Co-Owner / Business and Sales

Kevin keeps the business end of Behr Design running like a well-oiled machine. He is a graduate, and faithful fan, of the University of Kentucky. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing.
  • Kevin Behr at Behr Design
  • Kevin Behr at Behr Design
#Big Blue Nation

Chad Stewart at Behr Design Sidney Ohio Chad Stewart
Co-Owner / Creative Director

Chad is our design guru and office prankster. He can always bring a smile to our face. He attended the School of Advertising Art in Kettering where he earned his degree in Graphic Design.
  • Chad Stewart at Behr Design
  • Chad Stewart at Behr Design
  • Chad Stewart at Behr Design
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Connie Leffel at Behr Design Sidney OhioConnie Leffel
Graphic Designer/Web Design

Connie is the glue of the Behr Design team. We can always count on her, no matter what situation happens to come up. She attended Bowling Green State University, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design.
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Strong Leadership,
& lifelong values.

Audrey Gutman at Behr Design Sidney OhioAudrey Gutman
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Audrey is the navigation system that everyone wants. She gives our team the direction and driving options to get to our destination. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a BS in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing.
  • Audrey Gutman at Behr Design
  • Audrey Gutman at Behr Design
  • Audrey Gutman at Behr Design
All hands on deck.


We provide custom design and development of websites, e-mail marketing templates and other digital media to broadcast your marketing message to the masses.


Great messaging deserves outstanding design. We deliver creative, professional print design that communicates your message in a clear format to impact your intended audience.


Marketing with no strategy is like a sailboat with no wind – it may be seaworthy, but will get you nowhere. Behr Design works with clients to map the course they need to succeed.

Project Highlights

Behr Design has been teaming up with quality-conscious clients for over 30 years to pursue and achieve their unique marketing objectives from concept through project completion.